Fęrsluflokkur: Umhverfismįl

Nś er žaš svart allt oršiš hvķtt.



Vešriš vekur alltaf įhuga, hvar sem er ķ heiminum, og Žaš er alltaf įhugavert aš lesa hugleišingar manna um vešurfariš.  Vetrarhörkur į noršurhveli s.l. tvo vetur hafa tekiš vindinn śr seglum žeirra sem haldiš hafa fram hnattręnni hlżnun hvaš įkafast.  

Nś verš ég aš segja eins og mašurinn um įriš "Nś er žaš svart allt oršiš hvķtt".  Hann er semsagt oršin svona skķt kaldur hitinn žessa dagana, ef svo mį segja. 

En žaš er eitt sem ég velti fyrir mér "Fram kemur ķ PNAS, riti bandarķsku vķsindaakademķunnar (The US National Academy of Science) aš breytingin frį žvķ snemma į 8. įratug 20. aldar s頄aš mestu leyti einstök meš tilliti til sķšustu 1.800 įra". Tališ er aš hśn geti veriš ķ beinum tengslum viš hnattręna hlżnun".

Hvaš ętli vķsindalegar męlingar į hafstraumum nįi langt aftur 10 įr, 50 įr eša kannski 180 į eins og hitamęlingar į Ķslandi?  Eša eru žetta kannski spįlķkön sem vķsindamenn eru aš fikta meš?


mbl.is Breyttir hafstraumar stżra vešri
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Global warming / vķsindi eša spįkukl?

mbl.is Meš hlżjustu įrum hér į landi
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Hönnuš ķsöld.



Vešriš vekur alltaf įhuga, hvar sem er ķ heiminum, og Žaš er alltaf įhugavert aš lesa hugleišingar manna um vešurfariš.  Vetrarhörkur į noršurhveli s.l. tvo vetur hafa tekiš vindinn śr seglum žeirra sem haldiš hafa fram hnattręnni hlżnun hvaš įkafast.  Nś mį finna hugmyndir um aš "hönnuš" ķsöld sé į nęsta leit og aušvitaš kemur nafn Ķslands žį viš sögu.


Globig sees two main causes for the significant cooling: First, the cyclical changes in the big air currentsover the Atlantic, and second, the variations in solar activity.

"Everyone has heard about the high over the Azores and the low over Iceland," said Globig. The most important question for weather forecasts for many years was: "What are the air pressure differences between the two regions, how stormy will it be - and how much mild air is being shoveled sequentially from the Atlantic to Europe?"

"Both pressure areas do not exist right now," explains Globig. On the contrary, over the Azores there is lower air pressure and a high over Iceland. "The weather over the Atlantic is upside down," said Globig. Now cold air from the polar region has lots of space to flow to Europe - and that is what is happening. (Source) (emphasis mine)"

Lesa meira;  http://beforeitsnews.com/story/318/944/Are_We_Entering_An_Engineered_Ice_Age.html

mbl.is Frost męldist 26,2°C ķ nótt
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Ķsöld Spegilsins.


Į sjötta įratugnum var mikiš  talaš um aš ķsöld vęri į nęsta leiti.  Ķ Der Spigel mįtti lesa um žessa vęntanlegu ķsöld.  Kannski žetta kuldakast séu (Global Warming) hlišar įhrif sem Evrópubśar eru aš upplifa eša kannski ķsöld Spegilsins.


An increased frequency in extreme weather events, a cooling North Atlantic, and growing Arctic sea ice were viewed as signs of climate change. The odds of a warmer climate in the future, according to one scientist, were "at best 1 in 10,000? (see below). That's what Der Spiegel wrote about in a 3700-word article back in 1974, warning the world of a coming ice age.

Hat tip: oekowatch.org.

In that issue Der Spiegel described a series of "weather extremes" occurring all over the world, claiming they were unmistakable signs of a climate change to cooling: deluges of rain in West Germany, severe thunderstorms that uprooted trees and blew off roofs in Berlin, the worst storm in 100 years devastating much of Lower Saxony, hurricane Agnes inflicting 3 billion dollars in damage, floods in Japan and Peru, temperatures in Argentina, India and South Africa dropping to their lowest levels in 300 years.

Back in 1974, in its introduction, Der Spiegel wrote:

Is a new ice age coming? Not right away, but the rainy summers in northern Europe, scientists fear, were only a part of the worldwide shift in weather - a preview of cooler and wetter times ahead.

It's the same type of stuff we're hearing today from the hysterical media. As Der Spiegel wrote, there were signs of climate change happening everywhere, and the world was seriously threatened. Scientists and experts were forecasting widespread global suffering and that billions could die. Today, thirty six years later, we see they were all wrong.

To provide an overview, look at the NAO 36 years ago (dark blue line is CET, orange/light blue is NAO). Back in 1974 one expert said the warming that followed had only a 1 in 10,000 chance of happening:

North Atlantic Oscillation index compared with CET winter record, 1860-2010 (CET graph source: http://climate4you.com/ ). Right now we really ought to be worried about cooling!

Today life is far better as a whole than what the doomsayers projected - thanks to technology, and to the warming that ensued - against the 10,000 to 1 odds. Strange how governments, media and activists want to return to those cold and miserable days that Der Spiegel complained about in 1974. Back then they were unanimous in saying warmer was better.

Der Spiegel wrote that the signs of cooling were detected in the North Atlantic:

At the latest since 1960, in the NorthAtlantic, meteorologists and climate scientists have believed that something is wrong with the vast system of the global weather: The earthly climate they believe is on the verge of changing over... First measurements showed a cooling of the North Atlantic. There the ocean temperature dropped over the last 20 years from 12°C on average to 11.5°C.

And the Arctic ice was growing at an alarming rate (ignoring man's emissions of GHG, apparently):

Meanwhile the ice pack and glacier-covered area of the northern hemisphere grew by about 12%, at the Arctic Circle the coldest temperatures in 200 years were recorded.

In the 1974 report, Der Spiegel wrote about the warming period of 1890 - 1945. Recall how many of today's scientists are claiming that the recent rise in temps over the last 50 years is "unprecedented". Der Spiegel, however, documents that the same happened in the early part of the 20th century:

In the time between 1890 and 1945 scientists registered a general warming of the earth's climate. The global annual average temperature rose during this time by about 0.7°C. - in polar regions the rise was even several degrees.

So much for unprecedented. Der Spiegel also wrote about the MWP of 800 years before (which some scientists today say never really existed).

Pessimism back then, like today, was the order of the day

Der Spiegel also wrote about the causes of climate change:

One thing climate scientists know for sure- already very small irritations, and for that reason often they are difficult to measure, can throw the global climate out of whack. A reduction of solar radiation of one percent or an increase in the world's average cloudiness by just 4% is enough to trigger a new ‘big ice age'.

Der Spiegel then wrote that the consequences of this would be catastrophic, as agricultural output would decline, crops would be wiped out, etc.  US scientist Reid Bryson of the University of Wisconsin said:

If the current worsening of the climate continues, all of humanity will suffer - a billion people will starve."

US weather researcher James McQuigg:

 The chances of a rash return to the optimum climate of the 1930s are at best 1 in 10,000?.

Der Spiegel wrote:

Some climate scientists even foresee the coming of a worldwide natural catastrophe. That's what Austrian science author Peter Kaiser (‘The Return of the Glaciers') believes. Canadian weather scientist Kenneth Hare advises governments of impacted countries to stockpile food."

Überpessimist Paul Ehrlich warned of the consequences of global cooling:

Only a rapid aid program can prevent the catastrophe, fears Ehrlich. But the rich countries of the west, he complains, proved themselves to be failures during the crisis management of the 1973 oil crisis.

Back in the 1970s, it was common practice to seed clouds as a way of manipulating local climate. Scientists discussed methods that could be used to stop the cooling. But scientists warned of unintended consequences and complex feedback systems. US climatologists William W. Kellogg and Stephan H. Schneider described a climate model back then. Der Spiegel:

Such a climate model, so explain the two US climatologists William W. Kellogg and Stephan H. Schneider, must contain all ‘climatic feedback mechanisms' of the global weather system - a completely unmanageable chaos of feedback loops and interactions."

Amazing at how an unmanageable and complex system like climate in 1974 became and elegant and simple system that could be easily regulated today simply by varying the concentrations of a single trace gas. Later Schneider just could not be bothered by complexities.

Kellogg and Schneider also warned of interfering with the climate system.

Both scientists request that an international organisation for climate monitoring be set up as quickly as possible. In the view of the 2 experts, these weather monitors would have the job of maintaining the earth's climate status quo.

It took a few years, but today we have the IPCC as a result.


mbl.is Tafir vegna snjóa ķ Evrópu
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Global Warming Business.


Žaš heldur įfram loftslagsmįla svindliš enda gefast alvöru buisness menn ekki upp fyrr en žeir verša bśnir aš koma į kvótamarkaši žar sem hęgt veršur aš lįta borga fyrir aš fį aš draga andann.

Žjóšverjar hafa nś tekiš viš keflinu en ķ Cancun var vķsirinn lagšur aš hinum nżja kvótamarkaši.



mbl.is Öryggisrįšiš verji umhverfiš
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Hvert fer umhverfisvęna orkan?


Žvķ hefur veriš haldiš fram aš notkun umhverfisvęnnar orku į Ķslandi komi til meš aš minka losun gróšurhśsalofttegunda į heimsvķsu.  Įlver og önnur stórišja hefur m.a. veriš gefin jįkvęš ķmynd hér į landi į žessum umhverfisvęnu forsemdum.  En ķ hvaš er t.d. įl notaš?

Blįr og heišur himin er aš verša sjaldgęf sjón.  Umferš bķla, flugvéla og annarra athafna almennings hefur veriš kennt um.  Į nęstunni munu koma fram upplżsingar sem hingaš til hafa veriš flokkašar undir samsęriskenningar af svipušum toga og žeir sem deildu į fjįrmįlakerfiš fyrir nokkrum įrum héldu fram.  Kenningar sem hafa nś breyst ķ beinharšar stašreyndir um samsęri gegn almenningi.

Ef fólk vill sjį hvaša vakning er ķ vęndum og hvernig hśn snertir alla jaršarbśa er rétt aš horfa į žessa velunnu heimildamynd.  Žaš er svo undir hverjum og einum aš draga įlyktanir hvert  hlutverk litla Ķslands er ķ žessu samhengi.


Hér mį sjį alla myndina.



mbl.is Ķhuga sölu Elkem
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Vinstri Gręnir hafa tekiš stefnuna į ESB!


Žaš ętla aš verša orš aš sönnu aš žau Svandķs og Svavar verši dżrustu fešgin Ķslandssögunnar. Umhverfisrįšherra VG mun kosta žjóšina stórfé og hefur sennilega ekki bara svikiš kjósendur sķna, heldur žjóšina alla meš žįtttöku ķ sameiginlegri stefnu ESB ķ loftslagsmįlum. Ķslenskir hagsmunir hafa veriš settir til hlišar.  Žaš er eitt aš vera umhverfissinni annaš aš setja andrśmslofiš ķ kvótakerfi aš beišni stórfyrirtękja.  Žaš er glępur gagnvart lķfinu į jöršinni.  Viš sem žekkjum oršiš orsakir og afleišingar kvótakerfa ęttum aš vita hvernig žau virka. 


Stjórnmįlamenn hafa aldrei leyst neinn vanda,  eiga ašeins eftir aš auka hann.  Ķ framtķš sem og fortķš, eiga žeir eftir aš réttlęta afleišingar misstaka sinna įn žess aš vilja višurkenna orsakir žeirra.  Žaš er ešli stjórnmįla, žess vegna er stašann nś aš kvótasetja į andrśmsloftiš žar sem stórfyrirtękin verša gerš jafnrétthį lķfinu sem dregur andann.  Žaš sama į viš aškomu žeirra aš loftslagsmįlum, fjįrmagniš veršur lįtiš rįša.


Meš žessu skipar Ķsland sér į bekk meš rķki stórfyrirtękjanna, ESB, gegn hagsmunum jaršarbśa.  Jöršin mun samt sem fyrr verja sig sjįlf meš sinni eilķfu hringrįs.  Ef mašurinn lķtur ekki lögmįlum lķfsins mun jöršin losa sig viš hann.  Žaš gerist žrįtt fyrir loftslagskvóta, sem eru settir til žess eins aš geta skattlagt andardrįtt hverrar lķfveru.


Jöršin okkar er meistaraverk sem stjórnmįlamenn ęttu ekki aš reyna aš setja sig yfir.


mbl.is Ķsland minnki losun um 30%
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Kaupmannhafnar samkomulagiš & loftslagsbreytinga blekkingin.

Jafnvel žó aš fram hafi komiš į hverskonar gögnum kenningin um hlżnun jaršar er byggš, halda fjölmišlar įfram aš skauta hjį ašalatrišunum.  Sem eru blekkingarnar sem žetta samkomulag į aš byggja og hver er hinn raunverulegi tilgangur samkomulagsins.


Hvaša įhrif žessi samningur mun hafa į daglegt lķf jaršarbśa ętti ķ raun aš vera rannsóknarefni fjölmišla en ekki stanslausar fréttatilkynningar sem žeim eru sendar ķ įróšurskyni. 


Žaš eru önnur sjónarhorn į žessar įętlanir um alheimssamkomulag vegna loftslagsbreytinga.  Hér er sjónarhorn į žaš, hvernig žessi loftslagsrįšstefna gęti snert ķbśa heimsins. 

Smelliš į myndina.

mbl.is Vonlķtill um samkomulag
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Good morning America how are you?

Žaš žykir sjįlfsagt mikill sigur aš žurfa ekki aš fara hefšbundnar lżšręšislegar leišir ķ umhverfismįlum.  Enda ekki gott aš tefja viš slķkt, žegar flestar forsendur kenningarinnar um hlżnun jaršar eru brostnar og lekiš hefur śt į hverskonar lygaįróšri žęr voru byggšar.   


Manninum hefur veriš meinaš sem einstakling į innan viš tuttugu įrum aš nżta sér elstu kunnįttu sķna, žaš aš kveikja eld.  Nś mį bśast viš aš hringurinn žrengist og skipta žį lżšręšislegar įkvaršanir frjįlsra rķkja engu, lögin voru samžykkt annarsstašar meš "hagsmuni heimsins" aš leišarljósi.  Umhverfisfasisminn er kominn aš śtidyrum hvers heimilis.


Žaš er sem betur fer margt gott sem hefur komiš frį USA og hér er einn góšur sem hefur ekki alltaf haft orš į sér fyrir aš fara trošnar slóšir kerfisins. 



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